A Day in the life of two love birds

February 27th, 2024

About a month ago I had a giveaway on my Instagram and Angela was the lucky winner. For this giveaway, I wanted to incorporate a concept I've never done before, which was a couple eating their favorite food and a grocery store. Angela and Kyle found the perfect location that had both!

We started with the pizza session at a cute little deli- which is by far their favorite spot in Austin (they're from NY so they can deff judge). It was super casual and fun! 

Next, we went to the grocery store right across- hoping we don't get in trouble. We got some very cool shots and then the manager approached us and asked what we were doing... oops. She ended up giving us permission but it was awkward so we finished soon after. 

The last part was with their bikes. Angela and Kyle enjoy cycling so it only made sense they bring their bikes. I honestly think this entire session summed up their relationship pretty well. 

Which scene is your favorite?