The whisky boys

I've been following @theatxdrinker for quite sometime now- an Instagram page ran by Anthony Jones. He is an Austin influencer that focuses on showing the best bars in ATX, so if you're in Austin and love drinking, make sure to follow him. Anthony also has a page called @the_whisky_boys where him & Jeremia try the best whiskey's all over the US.

So for this photoshoot, I wanted to go with a very rustic, New York vibe which meant high contrast and warm colors- but still keeping it moody. 

Anthony and Jeremia are used to being in front of a phone camera, but this was one of their first times posing for their brand with a professional photographer. 

Needless to say, my vision came to life and they made it super easy. I'd also like to think that the alcohol helped them out haha. It was such a pleasure hanging out with them and getting to know more about how their page came about.

Oh, and I tried whiskey and actually really enjoyed it. Shocker? I think not.